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Hôtel La chatellenie

1 Rue du Commerce 86460 AVAILLES LIMOUZINE  +33(0) 5 49 84 31 31 itinéraire Hôtel La chatellenie

The restaurant of La Châtellenie,

the guarantee of a gourmet moment of intense pleasure ...

In the kitchen, it's Thomas, the chef!

It takes you through a whirlwind of flavors with subtle fragrances ... refined mixes, that take you on a journey ...

Thomas, Master Restaurateur cooks using carefully selected, quality, entirely seasonal local produce. The guarantee of freshness, the "Back from the market" menu is renewed weekly and the short a la carte selection, changes every 2 months.

A successful mix of well-balanced tastes and colors, the dishes adapt to the vagaries of the weather. Our chef also proposes a vegetarian menu.

In season, our patio is the ideal setting for your business dinners, receptions, cocktails and family meals or simply to enjoy a moment of relaxation with friends.