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Hôtel La chatellenie

1 Rue du Commerce 86460 AVAILLES LIMOUZINE  +33(0) 5 49 84 31 31 itinéraire Hôtel La chatellenie

The restaurant of La Châtellenie,

the guarantee of a gourmet moment of intense pleasure ...

In the kitchen, it's Thomas, the chef!

It takes you through a whirlwind of flavors with subtle fragrances ... refined mixes, that take you on a journey ...

Thomas, Master Restaurateur cooks using carefully selected, quality, entirely seasonal local produce. The guarantee of freshness, the "Back from the market" menu is renewed weekly and the short a la carte selection, changes every 2 months.

A successful mix of well-balanced tastes and colors, the dishes adapt to the vagaries of the weather. Our chef also proposes a vegetarian menu.

In season, our patio is the ideal setting for your business dinners, receptions, cocktails and family meals or simply to enjoy a moment of relaxation with friends.

Monday 16h 19H
Tuesday 10H 12H 16H 19H
Wednesday 10H 12H 16H 19H
Thursday 10H 12H 16H 19H
Friday 10H 12H 16H 19H
Saturday 10H 14H